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What Can Howell Plastics Do For You?

Design and Engineering
Howell Plastics has a deep bench of experienced, highly-creative in-house designers who are accustomed to working within a compressed time frame to bring your custom finished product to market quickly. The process begins with a review of your objectives and development of a production plan. Using SolidWorks® 3D modeling software, our team strives to design and create a working sample within 5-10 business days.

Prototype/Production Tooling
Our prototyping services give customers the opportunity to test and analyze the performance of the product quickly and at a minimal cost. Our prototype and production molds are machined in-house using the latest version of Mastercam® software, which means improved response time, tight tolerance control, and competitive pricing.

We thermoform a variety of materials to meet virtually every performance requirement, including PVC, PETG, ABS, HDPE, PP, and HIPS, plus a host of other engineered plastics for special requirements such as anti-static, conductive, weatherable, and high-heat applications.

Howell Plastics offers heavy gauge vacuum forming and a wide range of thick and thin gauge thermoforming from .010 to .500 inches. This range allows us to solve nearly every conceivable thermoformed plastics opportunity presented to us. We offer in-line, rotary, and single station forming machine capabilities with a maximum footprint of 60" square.

Our state-of-the-art CNC trimming equipment enables us to improve throughput, ensure repeatability, and be more cost efficient in producing secondary finishing operations for your products. Off-line die-trimming capabilities are also provided.

Howell Plastics provides light assembly services. This allows our customers to single source a product from us, removing multiple cost markups and reducing delivery time.

Quality Assurance
To ensure that we meet your quality expectations, we follow cGMP-based standards and FDA's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) sections 210 and 211 for pharmaceutical and medical packaging applications. Reliable in-house warehousing, inventory control, EDI, JIT, and VMI distribution ensure that your parts are in stock and are delivered on time to the right location, every time.

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